Potter’s HVAC/R Concepts provides seminars and technical training for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industries. Here is what a handful of technicians, business owners and wholesalers have said about our HVAC training classes.


I never got the chance to say thank you for coming out and educating us on A/C systems. I hate the fact that I wasn't able to sit down for the entire class, but I cannot complain for the sudden burst of activity in our field. Every comment made about the class was positive and everyone agreed that you two were a great team. Anyhow I just wanted to say thank you very much and I would recommend your class to anyone who is involved in this field. God Bless!

Jim French, Lead Mechanical Design Specialist

WOW, what a pleasure it was to meet a gentlemen, and of course your better half today. It is easy to feel your enthusiasm for the HVAC industry. You left a great feeling of need and accomplishment behind you today in our center. For that I cannot thank you enough. Within the next two weeks I will have your information laminated and in the fleet of service trucks at DiMarco Mechanical.

We are adapting the information as a standard to our quality of service. Knowing that Houston is many miles from Cleveland, Ohio I want to make sure that in your schedule of traveling to the Northeast US that I am on your schedule to come back and conduct additional seminars for our company. Again I plan to refer you to all of our Service Experts centers this month in Cincinnati Ohio on the 19th during our district meeting. Just to let you know in advance, I will speak very highly of your talents, professionalism and devotion.

Thank you again.


General Manager, DiMarco Mechanical

May 1, 2009
On behalf of the Florida Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractor’s Association (FRACCA) Board of Directors, staff, and members, we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your sharing your presentation and expertise with the FRACCA members at the 2009 FRACCA Education Conference, “Survival Toolkit for the HVAC Contractor,” held at the Caribe Royale Hotel in Orlando, Florida on April 3-4, 2009. The feedback from conference participants has been overwhelmingly positive.

We realize the importance of the contacts you made at the conference and hope they are beneficial to you. Attached is an excel spreadsheet of contact information of those who attended and we hope you have the opportunity to follow up with each of them.

As FRACCA grows in membership and influence throughout Florida, we hope that we may count on your continued commitment to increasing the knowledge and professionalism within the HVAC community.

Best regards,

Florida Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Assoc.

The accolades continue to pour in from the two trainings and specifically one from a contractor that has had nothing positive to say since 1984 – so I concur with Rich, we would love to have them back.

Trane Sales Manager

I wanted to take a moment to thank Mr.& Mrs. Potter for the two class's you conducted for us this week. Working in this trade my entire working life I have had the opportunity to attend a lot of training events and since taking this tech rep job I have been tasked with actually conducting training. Andy is by far one of the best trainers I have seen. Things I already knew were presented so skillfully that I have to admit he definitely influenced how I will present in the future. Many of the things he presented are new concepts to me as well. I am a better trainer and tech rep for having sat through this class.

We would welcome having him back future if it can be arraigned.


Field Service Rep, Air Purchases Inc

Hello Mr. Potter,
I all ready used some of the knowledge you gave me. And I appreciate when people share. So many people keep what they know to their self. All for one. And never in my nineteen years in heating and cooling have I even heard the words honesty and integrity.

It’s either how much money did you bring in or how much did you save me!

One thing I know about this trade you can always learn something new and interesting. I am so lucky to have been brought in as one of the last aspirants. The old man taught me right. I must have cleaned the shop one hundred times and learned every part in it before he let me help in the field. But those times are gone, the kids today come out of h.v.a.c. school thinking that they are done with learning.

And the number of good techs are less and less.

Thanks for a great class it was very easy to understand and fun.